Pupils Policies

200 Admission and Enrollment of Students

201 Admission of Students to Kindergarten and First Grade

202 Student Classification for Educational Entitlement

202 Student Classifications for Educational Entitlement Attachment

203 Communicable Diseases and Immunization

203.1 HIV Infection

204 Attendance

205 Student Eligibility for Education Based on Age and Graduation Status

206 Assignment Within District

207 Confidential Communications of Students

208 Withdrawal From School

209 Health Examinations/Screenings

209.1 Head Lice

210 Use of Medications

210 Use of Medications Attachment

210.1 Possession/Use of Asthma Inhalers

210.1 Possession/Use of Asthma Inhalers Attachment

211 Student Accident Insurance

212 Reporting Student Progress

213 Assessment of Student Progress

214 Class Rank

215 Promotion and Retention

216 Student Records

216.1 Student Records - Regular Education Records

216.1 Student Records-Regular Education Records Attachment

216.2 Student Records-Special Education Records

216.2 Student Records-Special Education Records Attachment

217 Graduation Requirements

218 Student Discipline

218.1 Weapons

218.2 Terroristic Threats/Acts 

219 Student Complaint Process 

220 Student Expression/Distribution and Posting of Materials 

221 Dress and Grooming 

222 Tobacco Use 

223 Use of Motor Vehicles 

224 Care of School Property 

225 Relations and MOU with Law Enforcement 

225 Relations and MOU With Law Enforcement Attachment 

226 Locker Searches 

226.1 Student Searches 

226.2 Motor Vehicle Searches 

227 Controlled Substances/Paraphernalia 

227.1 Drug Testing 

228 Student Government 

229 Student Fundraising 

230 Public Performances by Students 

231 Social Events and Class Trips

232 Student Involvement in Decision-Making

233 Suspension and Expulsion

234 Pregnant/Married Students  

235 Student Rights/Surveys  

236 Student Assistance Program

237 Electronic Devices

239 Foreign Exchange Students

246 Student Wellness

247 Hazing 

248 Unlawful Harassment

248 Unlawful Harassment Attachment

249 Anti-Bullying

249 Anti-Bullying Attachment A

249 Anti-Bullying Attachment B

250 Student Recruitment

251 Homeless Students

252 Participation in Athletics Pay-to-Play

252 Participation in Athletics Pay-to-Play Attachment 

253 Student Enrollment in Non-Avella Courses

254 Enrollment of Students Disciplined by Other School Entitites 

254 Enrollment of Students Disciplined by Other School Entitites Attachment 

255 Tuition Students

256 Electronic Cigarettes

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