Programs Policies

100 Strategic Plan

101 Mission Statement

102 Academic Standards

103 Nondiscrimination In School and Classroom Practices

103 Nondiscrimination in School Attachment

104 Nondiscrimination in Employment and Contract Practices

104 Nondiscrimination in Employment Attachment

105 Curriculum Development

105.1 Curriculum Review by Parents/Guardians and Students

105.2 Exemption from Instruction

106 Guides for Planned Instruction

107 Adoption of Planned Instruction

108 Adoption of Textbooks

109 Resource Materials

110 Instructional Supplies

111 Lesson Plans

112 Guidance Counseling

113 Special Education

113.1 Attachment

113.1 Discipline of Students with Disabilities

113.2 Behavior Support

113.3 Independent Educational Evaluations

113.5 Surrogate Parents

114 Gifted Education

115 Vocational Technical Education

116 Tutoring

117 Homebound Instruction

117 Homebound Instruction Attachment

118 Independent Study

119 Current Events

121 Field Trips and Excursions 

122 Extracurricular Activities  

123 Interscholastic Athletics  

124 Summer School 

125 Adult Education  

126 Class Size  

127 Assessments  

130 Homework 

137 Home Education Programs 

137 Home Education Programs Attachment 1

137 Home Education Programs Attachment 2

137 Home Education Programs Attachment 3

137.1 Extracurricular Participation by Home Education Students 

138 English as a Second Language/Bilingual Program 

140 Charter Schools 

140.1 Extracurricular Participation by Charter/Cyber Charter Students

140.2 Curricular Participation by Students Who Attend School in Alternative Set

140.2 Curricular Participation-Attachment 1

140.2 Curricular Participation-Attachment 2

142 Migrant Students

143 Standards for Persistently Dangerous Schools  

144 Standards for Victims of Violent Crimes  

146 Student Services

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Avella Area School District Comprehensive Plan (Click Here)



The Avella Area School District Comprehensive Plan is available for public review in our building offices.



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